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Beyond Therapy: The Greatest Hits

Hello readers! Thanks for joining us for another edition of HeadStart for Life’s blog, Beyond Therapy. It’s getting close to the time of year when we stop to take a moment to reflect on ou

8 months ago by 1 minute

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Speech Therapy

When Your Child is More Than a Picky Eater

Hola! Welcome back Headstart readers! In my previous blog we talked about the different ways to manage problematic behaviours of our children during feeding. In case you missed it, you can find the li

1 year ago by 2 minutes

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Speech Therapy

Bottle feeding: When should I stop?

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second post in our Myths vs Facts series! Today, we will be tackling the tricky topic of when should we start to wean our child off the use of a milk bottle. Read on to

4 years ago by 2 minutes

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