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Social Skills Training,Speech Therapy

Introversion or Social Deficit: Where to draw the line?

In my journey of seeing children for social skills intervention, I have come to meet wonderful parents who has genuine concern with their children. And more often, they would have comments and descrip

5 months ago by 2 minutes

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Speech Therapy

From Social Communication Challenges to The Good Doctor

Thank you for joining me again to discuss this week’s topic: Shaun Murphy’s social skills! If you have watched the drama series, The Good Doctor, I am sure you know who I am talking about. Yes

10 months ago by 2 minutes

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Therapeutic Play

Creating Consistency in the Playroom and at Home

Hi there! Welcome back to Beyond Therapy! The blog by HeadStart for Life! Play Therapy is an expressive creative intervention that aims to assist children with emotional, behavioral or social difficul

1 year ago by 1 minute

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Therapeutic Play

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a psychotherapy method that uses playing as a tool to resolve children’s difficulties. The play therapist tool kit combines therapeutic tools like art, music, movement, sand play an

4 years ago by 2 minutes

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