Dianne Que

Special Education Teacher
Supervisor of School Readiness Programme

Dianne established her educational background by earning a degree of Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas in 2012, graduating with Latin honours (magna cum laude). With several years of teaching experiences in private schools and therapy centres both in the Philippines and in Singapore, Dianne involves herself in creating programs and implementing developmentally – appropriate educational tools and strategies in her profession. She specializes in teaching toddlers and pre-schoolers both in Special Education and in self-contained, mainstream, and inclusive classes. This allows her to have a good grasp of the developmental milestones of children, more so on developmental delays and their implication to the learning process of students. To be able to further expand her field of expertise, she is currently pursuing a master's degree in Special Education at De La Salle University.

Determined to translate theories to actual practice and apply teaching strategies in the real setting, she has attended training and conferences in the Philippines and Singapore, highlighting on programs for Early Intervention, Life Skills, Beginning Reading, Circle Time and Group Time, Behaviour Management, Sensory Integration, and Augmentative Alternative Communication. She also utilizes her expertise in teaching early primary school–aged children by rendering home-based private tutoring services. She is harnessing her professional insights as a Registered Educational Therapist to provide academic intervention in line with other programs.

Dianne strongly believes in the saying, "If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn." Having an understanding of the unique needs of each student, she incorporates differentiated teaching approaches, most especially in behaviour management, and in interacting with children with developmental delays on different domains. More than the experiences that equipped her with skills and responsibilities of a teacher, Dianne creatively nurtures an environment for children to see school as a place for growth, learning, and well-being.

Dianne completed a Basic Singapore Sign Language Course given by Singapore Association for the deaf.

She is fluent in English and Filipino and conversant in basic Mandarin and Hokkien.

Registered: Associate Fellow of Registered Educational Therapists in Asia (RETA)

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