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Fish Goh

Senior Early Intervention Teacher

Fish is a special education teacher with seven years of experience in working with diverse range of special needs individuals. Throughout this extraordinary journey, she witnessed many remarkable moments in students' growth, and they have truly inspired and touched her to continue serving in this field.

Fish believes that each child is unique and possesses limitless potential and value. As a special education teacher, she focuses on each student's individual characteristics and learning styles to assist them in overcoming challenges, make progress, and achieve their goals. Besides, encouraging them to cultivate positive self-images and self-confidence.

Excels at building trust and close relationships with students and their families. Armed with care, considerate character due to years of volunteering work, Fish hopes to cater the student and their families' emotional needs and be there to support them throughout the journey.

In the future, Fish wants to continually improve her professional knowledge and skills to help more children find their light and have the courage to pursue happiness and success.

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