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Freya Ngan

Social Skills Therapist

Freya graduated from the National University of Malaysia with a Bachelor of Science degree and she has been specializing in Paediatrics since. Throughout the years as a healthcare practitioner, she has received a range of training courses including Assessing and Teaching Social Skills with Alex Kell, Social Thinking® with Michelle Garcia Winner, Advances in Communication Assessment & Theory of Mind Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders seminar with Professor Patricia Ann Prelock, DIR® Floortime™ seminar with Dr. Serena Wieder and Chithra Kathiresan, workshop about Mental Health, Sensory Processing & Challenging Behavior Perspective with Kim Barthel, Lego-Based Therapy with Dr. Daniel LeGoff and seminar about Childhood Apraxia of Speech with Dr. Caroline Bowen. All the training courses she attended has shaped her into who she is as a clinician today. 

Providing social skills training to children with various social communication deficits has broadened her horizons in the perspective of communication and deepened her understanding of language especially pragmatic language (as known as the use of language). Meanwhile, specializing in conducting one-to-one and group therapy session in Social Skills Training has also granted her better observation skills and sharpened her clinical reasoning skills. Hence, she is keen to continue the pursuit of a range of clinical skills in assessing and teaching social skills in order to continually provide effective and quality clinical services to children with social skills challenges. Freya aspires to translate her knowledge in social skills learning into practical social skills intervention to develop social competence in children. She completed a Basic Singapore Sign Language Course given by Singapore Association for the deaf. Freya is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Malay languages.

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