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Kharenee Koh

Senior Speech Therapist (Malaysia)

Kharenee is registered Speech Therapist under the Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing (MASH). Prior to her return to Malaysia in 2020, she had been working in the United Kingdom in different clinical settings which included hospitals, community clinics, rehabilitation centres and nursing homes. Her responsibilities included assessing, diagnosing, and treating a complex caseload of patients referred with communication, cognitive and/or swallowing difficulties. She was also 1 of 2 speech therapists working in a multidisciplinary service as part of the home enteral nutrition team; seeing patients with complex swallowing needs who require feeding tubes for their oral nutrition and has worked with a varied caseload of patients in their acute and recovery phase across Geriatric, Surgical, Oncology, Cardiology, Respiratory and Neurology.

Kharenee has acquired years of experience working with both the adult and the paediatric population. She has a particular interest in stuttering, voice and swallowing difficulties.

She is a strong believer in patient-centred care & evidenced based practice, and strives to ensure that all intervention plans for her patients are guided by strong evidence-based practice which are uniquely tailored towards each individual according to their needs.

Her optimistic personality and genuine passion to help her patients are acknowledged and trusted by her patients and fellow healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, she is trained as a clinical practice educator to supervise and train speech and language therapy students in the U.K. She is a keen advocate for the profession, often attending interprofessional workshops for other health professionals as well as developing and delivering training sessions and development groups for people working with patients who have swallowing and communication disorders.

Accreditations and Certifications in:

  • Bachelor of Science (First-Class Honours) – Speech & Language Therapy, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Learning Styles Profile Part 1: Building the capacity for socially appropriate conversation in young children with ASD
  • Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology, College of Allied Educators, Malaysia
  • Dysphagia Trained, Medway, United Kingdom
  • Appointed as University Industry Advisory Panel for Bachelor of Speech Sciences at Management and Science university (MSU)

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