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Sara-Robyn Pang

Early Intervention Teacher

Sara is a strong believer that we learn best whilst playing and having fun. She aims to engage the children and unlock their creativity through the use of whimsical characters during storytelling. She strives to create a safe learning space where every child is encouraged to explore their individuality and develop their curiosity towards learning.

Armed with a smile and a gentle disposition, Sara hopes to foster connections with the children, allowing them to feel comfortable around her. Believing that all children have the right to be fully equipped for their future, she uses plenty of praise and encouragement to help each child work towards their fullest potential.

Sara’s experience in working with young children first started while she was a high school student where she was a volunteer in a reading programme. She has since gone on to teach in both kindergartens and primary schools.

Since joining AST/Headstart, Sara has worked with children with special needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD) and Speech and Language Delays. Prior to this, she has also had experience as a volunteer working with individuals with Down Syndrome and with the physically handicapped at Rainbow Centre.  Sara never fails to be able to bring laughter and joy to the children that she works with and the children always look forward to seeing her in class.

Sara plans on continuing her passion for drama and working with children by pursuing her Masters in Dramatherapy within the next few years.

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