School Readiness Programme

HeadStart for Life has a School Readiness Programme. It helps kids aged 3 to 9 years. These kids have problems in school or at home. The programme gives them support.

Our school readiness programme prepares kids for their learning journey.

Our program helps kids get

Our program helps kids get ready for school. It gives 3-hour daily sessions for kids who need extra help. Every kid gets a plan made just for them.

This plan helps them learn better. The program works on talking, moving, feeling, and thinking skills. It also makes reading, math, writing, and art fun. Our team knows a lot about helping all kinds of kids learn. They make sure every kid is ready for school.

Speech therapists, occupational therapists, play therapists, and special teachers all help. They work with parents and schools to support each kid's learning.

*For children older than 9 years old, enrolment in this programme can be assessed for suitability. Please contact us for more information.


Weekly Programme

  • 3 hours per day
  • Minimum three days a week
  • From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., or from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Who needs School Readiness Programme?


Children who have difficulty with:

  • Expressing themselves and understanding concepts or instructions
  • Motor coordination, requiring support in feeding, self-help skills and physical movements.
  • Processing different sensory inputs from the environment (e.g. noise, touch)
  • Managing stress, emotional regulation with family (detached from family)
  • Interacting and engaging with peers at school
  • Coping with lessons in school
  • Handwriting
  • Focusing and attending to teacher’s instructions
  • Following daily routines

Our School Readiness Programme Approach


HeadStart for Life assesses the following areas and devise a plan that will suit your child’s needs:

A. Communication (Speech and Language)

  • Communication allows your child to interact with the world around him/her.
  • Speech Therapy helps your child be a more effective communicator by facilitating speech production and language development. Read more here.

B. Sensory Integration and Motor Skills

  • A child’s main occupation is play and learning.
  • Occupational Therapy helps your child with physical, sensory, and/or cognitive needs to be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. Read more here.

C. Self- Awareness and Social Skills Training

  • We believe that being aware of self and socialisation skills are very crucial in the overall progress of your child. We set goals that teach the appropriate behaviours when interacting with various environments. These goals are reinforced across all areas under the School Readiness Programme.
  • There are also separate sessions for Social Skills Training, whereby children of similar sets of skills are paired up or grouped together to work on skills that promote positive interaction with others, appropriate classroom behaviour, better ways to handle emotions, resolving conflicts, etc. Read more here.

D. Play Therapy

  • Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play are based on psychology. They are recognized disciplines.

  • In Play Therapy, we make a safe and caring space. Your child can play freely here. This helps them heal in many ways. Read more here.

E. Literacy

  • Our Literacy sessions teach your child to watch and listen. They learn to read, understand, and think critically. They also learn to talk and write clearly.

  • We teach important skills like understanding sounds, reading, and speaking smoothly. Your child learns to understand what they read, build their word knowledge, and write clearly. They also learn to think deeply about what they write.

F. Numeracy

  • Numeracy is a vital skill in everyone’s daily lives.

  • Your child will learn basic math skills for readiness. They'll practice counting and understanding numbers. They'll sort and order things, learn about time, measure, and use money. They'll also solve problems. These skills are taught in fun, active ways.

G. Handwriting

  • Learning to write well is part of our program. It combines thinking, seeing, and moving skills. These skills work together to improve handwriting.

  • In our program, handwriting lessons are interactive and fun. We use many ways to help your child's motor skills grow. This makes learning exciting for your child.

H. Art

  • Art will cultivate the creative expressions of your child.

  • Our program helps your child improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. They learn this while making art, which is fun and helps them see better. This makes learning enjoyable.

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Our School Readiness Programme Process

EIPIC helps children grow through early intervention programs
Call for Appointment
EIPIC helps children grow through early intervention programs
Initial Consultation
EIPIC helps children grow through early intervention programs
Term Starts
EIPIC helps children grow through early intervention programs
Assessment Sessions
EIPIC helps children grow through early intervention programs
Individualised Educational Plan Conference
Fees start from $53 per hour

Readiness is key for success. Our school readiness programme gets kids ready for learning. It builds confidence and skills. This helps kids do well in school. They can handle new challenges better. Being ready makes the learning journey smoother.

Several things impact a child’s readiness to learn. Family support is important. Good health and well-being matter too. The child’s own interest in learning is key. Our school readiness programme helps prepare kids for their learning journey. It addresses these factors to set kids up for success.

Readiness in education means being prepared to learn. It’s about having the right skills and attitude. Kids need to be mentally and emotionally ready. They should be curious and eager to learn. Our school readiness programme helps kids get ready for their learning journey. It ensures they start school with confidence and enthusiasm.

Key elements of readiness include several things. First, being emotionally and socially ready is crucial. Good communication skills are important. Physical health and well-being are also necessary. Basic academic skills, like counting and reading, help too. Our school readiness programme focuses on these elements to prepare kids for their learning journey.

Learning readiness has specific traits. Kids should be curious and interested in learning. They need to focus and pay attention. Being able to follow instructions is key. Good social skills help in interacting with others. Our school readiness programme develops these characteristics in kids.

There are several theories about readiness. One theory says kids learn when they’re developmentally ready. Another focuses on the role of environment in learning. A third theory combines both development and environment. Each theory guides how we teach kids. Our school readiness programme takes these theories into account.


“ I am very pleased that my child has made progressive improvements after 2 terms in H-SRP! ”