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Tong Si Qin

Lead Special Education Teacher

On top of her teaching experience with children aged 0 to 6, Si Qin has more than a decade of experience working with individuals with special needs.

She values each learner’s strengths and believes that everyone can learn when the teacher teaches in a way they learn. With praise and affirmations, she hopes to encourage, uplift, and instill confidence in every learner.  By paying attention to non-verbal communication displayed by learners, Si Qin seeks to understand the function behind every behaviour and emotion while meeting every learner’s unique learning needs, helping them to overcome the challenges they face.

Knowing the importance of applying learnt skills in real-life contexts, she establishes a close collaboration with parents to extend learning beyond the classroom.  Her motivation and joy come from witnessing every learner’s growth and progress towards achieving a better quality of life in every aspect!

Accreditations and Certifications in:

  • Diploma in Special Education (National Institute of Education)
  • Certificate in Autism – Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System – Basic by Sophie Kerr
  • Supporting Complex Behaviours of Students with Autism – Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
  • School-based Curriculum Design: Living, Learning and Working Workshop (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore)
  • Numbers-in-Action Programme (MOE, Special Education Branch)

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