About Us

At HeadStart for Life, we cultivate independence, responsibility, and confidence in every person

Learning doesn’t just happen when children are simply told something. To learn, they must love what they do for themselves and others. We teach parents, caregivers, and teachers to encourage and challenge the child’s thinking. We believe children must be secure and confident in what they already know.

We help your child grow without barriers. Ready to play. Ready to learn. Ready for life!

To be your trusted intervention centre of choice for your child’s developmental needs through multi-accessible programmes for all children with different abilities.

To maximize the potential of children with different abilities for equal opportunities in life.

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Our History

“HeadStart for Life grew steadily over the years and we now have a team of 15 professionals practicing in a newly renovated and well-equipped premise that is conducive to learning.”

HeadStart for Life (formerly known as Communication for Life) was founded in 2004 by Mr. Vasu Govindasamy, a renowned and respected practitioner in the field of Speech Therapy. Before HeadStart for Life, Vasu built a well-regarded reputation practicing in public hospitals, special schools, and private institutions for 8 years.

Our Facilites

Our premises at Eastgate was renovated in July 2015 to transform the centre into an upgraded, brightly lit and comfortable place to
welcome children and their families. New facilities were installed to create a better learning environment for all.

Intervention Rooms

Speech therapy, social skills training and school readiness programme sessions are conducted by our speech therapists and special education teachers in intervention rooms. Rooms are equipped with one-way mirrors for parents who would like to observe their child in a discrete manner. Parents will be able to hear what the therapist and child are saying through our installed sound systems.

Occupational Therapy Room

Our occupational therapy room is designed to accommodate motor movements and incorporate sensory integration activities for your child in a safe environment. Furnished with a wide array of equipments such as swings, bolster swing, slide, cloud, scooter board and many others, your child will receive the appropriate types of support in occupational therapy.

Toy Room

At HeadStart for Life, we use a wide collection of toys, books and materials for intervention to cater to children of all ages. Our speech therapists, occupational therapists and special education teachers, have access to a room full of resources necessary for their teaching sessions. We have toys available for children from 1 year up to adolescent years targeting various domains in their learning growth. In addition, we ensure that we constantly update and create new materials in order to suit the learning needs of your child. Click here to learn more about our services.