"Fun and Games with a Purpose: Let's Get Talking!"

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Little Speakers:

  • Is an interactive board game developed by Speech Therapists to enhance your child’s communication skills
  • Includes step-by-step instructions to target specific speech and language skills (e.g. listening, auditory processing, problem solving, cognition, etc) through fun and interactive ways
  • Has multiple levels of difficulty, different optional formats, and interactive games variation available

Who is it for?

Little Speakers will be beneficial for:

  • Typically developing children ages 3-7 to enhance their speech, language, social skills and cognitive development
  • Children ages 3-7 who have a mild speech and language, social skills and/or cognitive delay to close the gap

It can be used by:

  • Parents and caregivers in the home setting
  • Therapists and teachers in the clinic and classroom setting

Why buy Little Speakers?

  • 100% developed by professional Speech Therapists with extensive clinical experience working with children.
  • Incorporating evidence-based approaches to developing language and cognitive skills, for best results.
  • Highly affordable alternative to costly therapy/ educational sessions to achieve similar results.
  • Encourages valuable bonding and fun interactions between the parents and their children.

Spend your time and money wisely and INVEST in a game that encourages positive outcomes in your child’s development and improves the quality of precious bonding time!

How to use it?

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Ice Breakers

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Following Directions

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Social Stories

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Locating Objects & Categorisation

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Problem Solving

How to purchase it?

Click here to purchase online via Shopee or visit our physical clinic at Katong and Novena.
Pay by CDA/Baby Bonus at our Novena clinic.

Limited sets available. Get yours while stocks last!